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Yesteryear Cleaning Tips That Still Hold True Today

Although it may be true that most of Grandma’s cleaning tips were old-fashioned,  to be honest, they still offer some of the best advice even today.  There are items in your home, that your grandma used to clean her home, that has stayed the course and is still quite useful today.  And if you and your family are geared towards limiting or eliminating your use of industrial and commercial cleaning products, then these hacks will tickle you to no end.


One of the best window and mirror cleaners you can use.  Simply mix equal parts hot water and distilled white vinegar and you have the makings of a streak-free and chemical-free cleaner for pennies on the dollar.

Images: Medical News Today

Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils are all the talk these days, and it seems there is no end to ways in which you can put them to work around your home.  Tea tree oil is no different, as it is a powerful fighter of mold.  Simply mix ten drops of the oil with a cup of water.  Spray the mixture on any mold you find, let it set a few hours and then simply wipe off.


Have some rusted tools or hardware lying around that are in dire need a cleaning?  No problem.  Place them in a large bowl and pour a 2-liter of Coke over them.  Let them sit overnight, and wipe them down the next morning.  They will shine like brand new.  Kinda makes you wonder what drinking Coke does to your stomach if it can eat through rust…huh?

Image: Real Food For Life

Lemon Juice

It is inevitable that over time white linens and towels will form a yellow, almost dingy appearance.  To combat this problem, squeeze the juice of one lemon into a gallon of hot water.  Let your linens and towels soak for a few hours, rinse out by hand, and hang to dry.

Olive Oil

Buying pre-made furniture polish containing harsh chemicals is not necessary when you have the ingredients in your pantry to make your own.  Simply mix one part lemon juice with three parts olive oil.  Apply and scrub with a microfiber cloth.  Viola!!

As you can see, most of the items in your pantry can do double, sometimes even triple, duty.  In a day and age where there are so many chemicals used in the items that we buy, why not make your own cleaners that are not only easier on the environment, but safer for your family as well.