Why Drinking More Water Is Very Essential For Your Health?

Many of us do not drink water, or we might drink less. But drinking more water is essential for our health and body. It reduces dehydration-related headaches and maybe even gets some glowing skin in the process.

Linda Anegawa, a double board-certified physician in internal medicine, tells HuffPost that drinking the right amount of water is necessary to maintain a certain level of health.

She explains there are two major stores of water within our bodies extracellular, which is stored outside cells, and intracellular, which is stored within them.

Anegawa said, “Our bodies are very protective of the extracellular supply. We need a certain amount of fluid to pump blood through our bodies. Without this fluid, our vital organs don’t work, and a severe drop in blood pressure, shock, or even organ failure can result.” And maintaining the right amount of intracellular fluid is essential for “preserving the proper functioning of all cells and tissues.”

How To Drink More Water?

According to Anegawa, it is better to start with eight cups a day which is reasonable for most people. Even during the winter months, people do not realize that they are sensitive to dehydration.

Anegawa said, “Drier, less humid air in the winter months can lead to increased evaporation of water, thus causing dehydration.”


Anegawa also said that drinking enough water can enhance our energy levels and immune system and help prevent problems like bladder infections and kidney stones.