White Chicks 2 May Very Well Happen

Fans of the Wayans brothers everywhere are rejoicing on the news that White Chicks 2 will soon to be a reality.  Terry Crews, who starred alongside both Shawn and Marlon Wayans in the 2004 original White Chicks, revealed that Marlon Wayans does indeed want a sequel.  Crews dropped the news on his recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

The 2004 White Chicks not only starred Shawn and Marlon Wayans but was also co-written along with their brother Keenan Wayans, who also served as director. The film revolved around a pair of FBI agents, whom after being disgraced on a case, then decide to privately go undercover to prevent a suspected kidnapping plot.  What makes this movie stand out is that they go undercover as—you got it—white chicks.

Image: sfgate

Also starring in the film is Terry Crews, as a professional basketball player name Latrell Spencer.  Crews stated:

“I actually got with Shawn, and he was like, ‘Man, we’re doing it. We’re getting it going.'”

Crews also mentioned that the original hit the theaters 15 years ago—as of this month in fact.  Adding with a laugh, Crews claimed, that just for the sequel, his is keeping himself in shape—joking for 15 years he has been working out just so they could film the sequel.

Image: YouTube

And it is not just Crews making the claim that White Chicks 2 has been a topic of conversation.  Marlon Wayans, during a TRL appearance in March 2018, chose to tease the fact that had definitely been discussions about producing a sequel.

Marlon went on to say that he and his brothers have been talking over the logistics of a sequel and feel if things go right, there may very well be a White Chicks 2 in the near future.