Rant Time

What Was Ivanka Trump Thinking With This Tone-Deaf Photo??

I’m a bit torn talking trash about Ivanka Trump. On one hand, she’s this beautiful business person who “supports” women’s rights, albeit in a strangely hypocritical manner. She grew up surrounded by more privilege and money than the average citizen of America (and planet earth).

At the same time though, she’s never said anything remotely close to what comes out of her father’s mouth; she seems considerate and polite by comparison. It’s as if the Donald’s personality was simply diluted through the gene pool, leaving his children to be born with just a quarter of the very characteristics which make him so intolerable and infuriating.

Still, she slips up from time to time, giving us a chance to collectively facepalm and roll our eyes. Exhibit 3,038 is this recent tweet.


Elementary Student Notes

“Overjoyed by these beautiful letters,” she tweeted with this photo. “Reading them is one of the highlights of my week.”

If you were scrolling through your Twitter feed and saw this, perhaps you wouldn’t find it strange at all. That’s understandable, but lucky for us, there are plenty of people on Twitter who love to analyze and discuss these small snippets shared by the First Family.

“Is it just me, or do all of those look like they’re from the same person?” one user replied to Ivanka’s tweet. “Did she pay someone to forge those?”

Multiple users pointed out that the letter K somehow looked the same across four different drawings. “One person wrote these!” they replied. “Do you ever do anything legit, do you ever not lie?”

“Your dad’s handwriting has improved greatly!” another joked.


But Really, Are These Legit?

I mean we absolutely have to make a big deal out of this, but the absurdity of it isn’t totally lost on us. Ivanka is simply sharing a photo of fan mail from kids, right? The thing is, though, that there’s not really an explanation available as to why.

It’s almost believable that a random elementary school teacher told her class that they’d be “sending thank you letters to the president’s daughter” and handed out paper and markers—but again, why?

And wouldn’t Ivanka (or, I don’t know, the White House’s press secretary) want to showcase what happened that earned her all of this appreciation? After all, if she’d donated funds to a school or made a public appearance, it would make the most sense to actually get some positive PR out of that.

And The Cherry Atop The Sundae

Multiple Twitter users took screenshots of this snippet and spun a few jokes around it. Really, this just shuts the whole thing down and wraps it up in hilarious absurdity. Which youngster is smart enough to know what the Trump family really stands for—and takes this opportunity to illustrate the money-eyed emoji as such?

If these thank you notes are indeed real, let’s just enjoy that glimmer of hope for young Generation Z.