What Is The Fate Of The Guardians Franchise?

With the recent out of the blue announcement that both Marvel Studios and Disney have severed all ties with James Gunn, fans are reeling and left to wonder what the future holds for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise.

Image: LA Times

In a press release issued from Marvel Studios, Gunn was let go due to the resurfacing of explicit tweets he had made from 2008-2011.  The comments in the tweets were said to contain sexual undertones.  Having learned of these tweets, even though Gunn had deleted his Twitter account already, Marvel Studios moved quickly to execute damage control.  The ending result is that James Gunn will no longer be employed nor connected in any manner with Marvel Studios.

So, what does this mean for the future of the Guardians franchise?

Gunn had written and directed the first two installments and as such became the voice of the franchise itself.  It is also being said that he was neck deep into the script for the third installment when the scandal and resulting firing occurred.  With Gunn removed from the production, it goes without wondering—will they keep the material Gunn had already written in the script?  Or will they decide to chuck it all when they hire another writer and have them start from scratch?

Image: Screenrant

Also, the movie is now short a director as well.  Surely when they decided to fire Gunn they had someone else in mind to fill the vacant director’s chair, or are they going to have to go on a massive search to fill his shoes?  All of this adds up to the uncertainty of when, or if, the production of the Guardians 3 sequel will begin along with just how far out its release date will now be pushed.

Speculation by fans is that without Gunn at the helm as well as his possible lack of voice in the script, that the sequel will not live up to the previous installments standards or far worse—could actually be a complete and utter failure.

One can only hope that when Marvel Studios decided to make such a bold move, that they had some sort of plan in place.  Surely, they knew the far-reaching effects that being without a plan would cause, as well as the possible ripples that could reach out and affect the entire MCU, which in turn resulting in who knows how much irreparable damage.