What If Disney Had Not Broken Up Marvel Entertainment

Many may remember that in 2015 Marvel went through corporate restructuring.  The restructuring was to such an extent that Marvel Studios was in a sense severed from the central portion of Marvel Entertainment—including the TV branch.

The changes began with the studios in 2009, when Disney approached and purchased Marvel Entertainment.  The purchase involved negotiations between Disney and then CEO Ike Perlmutter, which lasted for almost a year.  At the time of the negotiations and eventual sale, Marvel was pretty much the new kid on the block and as such in its film industry infancy.

Over the next few years, the real genius of Disney’s purchase came to light, as Marvel came into its own, and it was realized that the house of the mouse had hitched its wagon to one major shooting star.  This was more than proven with the unheard-of success of The Avengers, which shattered all box office records of 2012.

Image: Geeks On Coffee

Then in 2015, the shakeup began, shocking many in the film industry.  Disney wielded its heavy hand and forced a restructuring.  The results were that Marvel Entertainment and Marvel Studios became subsidiaries in and of each other.  At the time the two subsidiaries went their separate ways, Kevin Feige—the grand poobah of the Marvel fandom—was now reporting to a new boss.  Also, as a result, the very group of comic advisors that formed and shaped the all-important first phase of the MCU were now disbanded.  It would seem that conflicts were running amok behind-the-scenes.

It seemed, at the time, that the conflict within could lead to the studio’s downfall.  However, with the success of Iron Man, as well as the following movies in the MCU franchise, Marvel Studios was able to rebound—with a vengeance.

With all this considered, one can not help but wonder just what the MCU would look like today if things had gone the other way.  Would we have been graced with The Avengers franchise?  Probably not, but we will never know.  Still, the endless scenarios of possible routes the MCU could have been taken boggle the mind.