What Car Thieves Will Never Tell You

A recent report stated an estimated one million cars are stolen each year in the US alone.

Keeping that staggering amount in mind, one could see why it is important to do everything you can to protect both your property and your investment.

But, what do the car thieves look for when contemplating stealing a car?

The Style of Car

The first item that most thieves look for is the make and model.  The National Insurance Crime Bureau compiles an annual report that breaks down the most popular stolen vehicles for the year.  Over the past three years, the report claims that some of the most popular stolen models include the Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, and the Toyota Corolla.

Image: Motor Trend

Not So Much Luxury

When we see car thieves in the movies, they are always going after the higher priced, luxury models of cars.  In real life, this is not necessarily the same.  With more and more innovations in theft protection on the higher priced cars, the thieves have had to set their sites on more easily obtainable cars.

Location, Location, Location

According to the director of public affairs for the NICB, the state with the most stolen cars is unfortunately that of California.  There have been more car thefts reported there since 1960 than any other state.  And there is currently no state close to even being a runner-up.


Chop and Swap

Keep in mind, although the thieves may steal your entire car, odds are favorable that they will chop it up for the parts.  If this is not the case, then the probability is that they are going to use the car to commit some type of crime, to go joyriding, or may have just stolen it on a dare.

Do Not Assume

Thieves are very clever and smart individuals.  They will play upon your assumption that you live in a nice safe neighborhood.  During the night, they will walk through nicer neighborhoods, scoping out any cars with an unlocked door.  Statistics show that one out of six cars has a spare key inside, making it all that much easier for the thief.

Keeping the above information in mind will help you to more easily protect your valuable property, and lessen the chance of it being stolen from you.