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Watch Your Sweet Tooth: Eating This Much Sugar In One Sitting Can Kill You!

Sugar is a food that is practically impossible to avoid. You can find it in fruit, beverages, and even a long list of snacks that are otherwise advertised as health-conscious. Although it is sometimes necessary to indulge in a sweet snack to curb your cravings, moderation is key. Sugar, especially in high quantities, has an undeniable effect on your overall health.

If you have started to experience issues with your health, you may want to consider sugar as the main culprit.

Excessive Sugar Can Sabotage Your Health


Other than weight gain and an increase in cavities, indulging in too many sugar-filled foods can lead to other serious health problems. Too much sugar can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and even liver failure.

Excessive sugar hikes up your blood pressure and can even intensify your appetite. It’s no surprise that your need for sugar seems to never end. It turns out that consuming a lot of sugar sends your cravings into overdrive.

How Much Do We Really Consume?

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Despite the running lists of health risks linked to sugar consumption, we still rarely skip the sweet stuff. The average person consumes around 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. Just imagine pouring 22 teaspoons of sugar into your morning coffee and taking a sip—you probably wouldn’t be able to stomach it.

Although this amount of sugar can damage your health over time, is there really a way for sugar consumption to kill you almost instantly? It turns out there is a magic number.

There Is A Lethal Sugar Limit

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According to the “This Will Kill You” AsapSCIENCE video series, consuming a certain amount of sugar can actually kill you on the spot. The point of no return? If you consume 10.5 cups of sugar in a sitting, you may not live to tell the tale. This dreaded amount applies to the average 150-pound person, so you have to add or subtract a tad depending on your weight.

Even so, it might be a good idea to cut down on your sugar intake, even if you aren’t close to that ten cup limit. It can help improve your overall wellness!