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Want To Be Queen Of The North? There’s A Sexy Jon Snow Costume For You…

We all know that winter is coming, but before it gets here, it’ll soon be time for Halloween. Don’t think that if you’re of the female persuasion that you’re limited to dressing up like the Mother of Dragons or the Red Woman, though. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that of, course.)

Queen Of The North


Behold! Just in time for the Game Of Thrones season finale (and Halloween, of course), Yandy has released a Sexy Northern Queen costume. We all know that they’re not fooling anyone with that attempt to not infringe on copyright, though. This is a sexy Jon Snow costume.

Business Insider

Everything You Need

This thing has everything a northern queen needs to make it through a long winter (except maybe pants). There’s a pleather romper that has gold stud accents, a cut-out bodice panel, an adjustable waist belt with a bronze buckle, and more gold studs and draping on the front and side panels—because, you know, modesty.

It all gets topped off with the pièce de résistance, a long black cloak with a faux fur trim and a crisscross tie closure. That’s everything that’s included in the costume’s $150 price tag. You’ll have to add the fishnet stockings and thigh high boots yourself.


Say What?

If $150 is a bit out of reach for you just to be able to pull out the old credit card and place your order, don’t despair. A crafty and DIY-minded person would look at this costume and might think to herself, “You know, it’s really easy to find black capes around Halloween, and fabric stores sell faux fur.”

Also, how difficult is it really to find black rompers and studded black belts?

Just a few suggestions for those queens whose treasuries might be a bit low at the moment!