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Walmart’s Spark Delivery Is Uber For Groceries

Walmart announced that they are taking an innovative approach to their grocery and household delivery service.  Partnering with a delivery logistics based company called Bringg, Walmart is hoping to amp up their food and household delivery service in yet another attempt to get a leg up on their major competitor Amazon.

Image: The Verge

Spark Delivery will join Walmarts current grocery delivery service that has been available in select areas since March.  The goal is to, by the end of 2018, offer their delivery services to over 100 metro areas.  This is one lofty goal, that if achieved will see them covering up to forty percent of the United States current existing households.

Currently, Walmart has a grocery delivery service that utilizes tens of thousands of contract workers, as well as their own Walmart employees in order to assure fast and courteous home deliveries.  The delivery service, which costs $9.95 per order, with a minimum order of $30, is currently available in fifty markets.

Upon its initial inception, Walmart was partnered with Uber, Lyft, Postmates, and Doordash to assure deliveries to the doorsteps of more remote and hard to reach markets.  However, in May Walmart ended their partnership with Uber and Lyft.

Image: CNBC

With all that said, Spark Delivery will take on a whole new operation plan.  Through the use of technology that Bringg will be offering in the partnership, there will be a whole new facet of how the service is handled.  Bringg will handle everything from the programs logistical backend to accounting, to even managing the fleet of drivers.  A special algorithm will be used to make sure the best route is used to get the customers purchases into their hands.

Spark Delivery is the most recent concept in a long line of concepts.  Walmart is working hard to try to catch up to the juggernaut that is Amazon.  With Amazon’s Prime Now and even Prime Panty, Walmart is going to have to come with a gimmick that will put them on even footing with Amazon, before they are left in the dust.

Spark Delivery is being tested in the New Orleans and Nashville areas, before a much wider rollout across the United States at a later undetermined date.