Walking For 10,000 Steps A Day Can Improve Your Mental Health

Lack of exercise is related to physical health issues and the risk of mental health issues. An increase in physical activity has been recommended for cardiovascular disease prevention. However, little is known about the effects of walking on physical or mental health.

According to a recent study walking 10,000 steps daily can improve our mental health. Also, there are chances of decreasing our weight as one of our friends had lost 15-pound weight in five months.

Yes, many of you do not believe where this would happen. But, it is true as there are people who do not the impact of walking. Many of us tend to exercise daily and go for a jog or gym, but studies have proved that walking daily can improve your mental health and reduce weight.

Walking early in the morning in the fresh air can positively impact your mental health.

A 2011 study examining the relationship between physical activity and mental health found that exercise at all levels is associated with mental and physical health.

A recent study by the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health observed that physical activity is a practical means of preventing depression. Many researchers have found that “doing more physical against developing depression,” which replaces running or any moderate-vigorous activity, is enough to produce an average increase in accelerometer data that was linked to lower depression risk.”

Also, the 2019 study found that older women who walked 4,400 steps a day had lower mortality rates than those who walked less.


However, the general health and weight loss theory suggest that we should strive to take 10,000 steps a day. 10,000 is an arbitrary number that a Japanese watch company has chosen in the 1960s for pedometers.