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Visit the Floating Taco Bar in the Caribbean

If you’ve traveled to the Caribbean, you know it’s a stunning tropical paradise with crystal clear blue water and plenty of white sandy beaches. The food options in the islands are great as well, boosting fresh caught seafood daily and fruity drinks.

A large number of people are also in the islands by boat, and they have options as well. There is already a pizza delivery boat that delivers pizza to sailboats anchored or moored offshore, or you can swim up and order. There is also a famous floating bar, and those lucky enough to be able to locate it can enjoy it’s eclectic and unique drink menu.

Now, the Caribbean is getting its first floating taco bar. Lime Out VI is the first floating taco bar in the area, and it recently opened off the coast of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The floating taco bar is painted a bright lime green and is anchored by two hundred feet of the coast of St. John’s Coral Bay.


Chelsea Baranowski is the co-owner, a local who grew up in St. John’s Coral Bay and wanted to open a new business in the area. The floating taco bar will exclusively feature local cuisine, as well as eleven different types of tacos for customers.

Some of the unique menu items include green curry chicken tacos. surf and turf, fresh-catch ceviche, rum ribs, and shrimp. The great thing about the floating taco bar is that it has bar service, where you can simply swim up and have a seat at a waterproof wooden bar top and order some food and cocktails.

On the other side of the floating bar is ample room for powerboats and other water vessels to tie up next to the bar and make orders or stick around and eat with boat side service.