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Video: Airline Passengers Turn Delayed Flight Into Musical Party

Instead of getting upset if your flight gets delayed this holiday season, take a cue from a group of passengers flying from Toronto to Newfoundland and partake in a singalong.

As passengers waited for their flight at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport Monday night, many of them Newfoundland residents on their way home, musicians Sheldon Thornhill and Sean Sullivan took out their instruments for an impromptu jam session.

With Thornhill on the accordion and Sullivan on the guitar, many of the other passengers joined in, singing and dancing and having the time of their lives.

“My buddy with the accordion, Sheldon,” explains Sullivan. “Anytime we’re gathered around airports like that, he’s often taking out his accordion just out of the blue and start playing for people.”

As their flight time approached, the party calmed down and the two musicians put their instruments away. But when the airline announced a 30-minute delay for their flight, Thornhill and Sullivan quickly took their instruments out again so the party could continue.

Among the passengers was Michelle Sacrey Philpott, who took a handful of videos on her phone and posted them on her Facebook page.

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Posted by Michelle Sacrey Philpott on Monday, November 20, 2017

“I looked around and everyone had a different expression,” said Sacrey Philpott. “You see people laughing, you see tears in people’s eyes. It was a homesick sad.”

After the passengers had their fun, the plane eventually did take off. But not before Sacrey Philpott had a chance to post the videos to Facebook. By the time the flight landed in St. John’s, Newfoundland, many of the videos had been viewed thousands of times.

“It was a very proud moment for many people and I have received so many emails and calls from people thanking me for posting these videos and how much it means to them,” shares Sacrey Philpott. “It was a great good news story. So blessed I was a part of it.”

Unfortunately, you can’t always count on someone having an accordion when you’re flight is delayed. But as you travel, keep in mind that you can always do something to make the best of a bad situation.