Valentine’s Day Candy Has Hit Shelves

Valentine’s Day may be just under a month away, and store shelves across the nation are already filling up with the romantic candy flavors and packaging. The pink candy packaging is filling up each store candy section with old favorites like candy hearts, and Hershey’s chocolate kisses, as well as new flavors for the 2020 Valentine’s Day candy trend.

First up is the Hershey’s Lava Cake Kisses, which come in bright pink packaging with individually wrapped chocolate kisses with pink and red hearts on them on a brown background. These are dark chocolate kisses with a gooey chocolate center, just like a real lava cake dessert with a molten center. These Hershey’s kisses were around last year as well, and Hershey has brought them back.


Hershey’s is also selling milk chocolate marshmallow hearts, which are also king sized. These individual hearts can be bought in bulk as well on, and include twenty-four individual hearts in one bulk package.


Raspberry Creme KitKats are the new KitKat flavor for Valentine’ Day 2020. These limited edition treats are covered in pink chocolate which tastes like white raspberry flavored creme. The retail prices are $3.49 to $4.09 depending on the size of the bag. These KitKats are available in two different sized bags, although each KitKat is individually wrapped.

Not to be outdone, Reese’s has introduced the Reese’s Valentine’s Day Hearts stuffed with Reese’s Pieces. Already available at Target, these Reese’s are the familiar Reese peanut butter shaped hearts covered with milk chocolate and filled with Reeses Pieces inside as well.

Each pink package comes with six individually wrapped Reese’s hearts. The entire bag retails for about five dollars a bag for a limited time only at Target stores. In addition, other Reese’s Valentine’s Day candy includes the brownie heart skillet kit to make a giant Reese’s cookie.