Unique Drinks Around the World

If you like having a cocktail or beer after a hard day, what’s your favorite? When you’re traveling, do you like to see what the local specialties are? Here are five unique drinks found in places like Belgium and Korea. 


Also known as “jenever” and “Dutch gin,” this drink is enjoyed in places like the Netherlands, Belgium, northern France, and northwest Germany. It was originally made by distilling malt wine down to 50% alcohol by volume. However, the taste wasn’t good, so herbs were added. Producers decided on juniper berries because of their alleged health benefits. 

Juniper berries


One of the few hot alcoholic drinks out there, canelazo is made from fruit juice, cinnamon sticks, brown sugar, water, and aguardiente, a sugar cane alcohol. Sometimes cloves are added. It’s popular in the Andes, especially around the holidays. 


The national cocktail of Brazil, caipirinha is made from sugarcane hard liquor, lime, and sugar. To make the drink, you mix lime and sugar together first, and then pour in the booze. Historians don’t know when the drink was invented, though it was most likely used as a remedy for colds and the flu. It’s often still prepared for this purpose. 


A very popular drink in Turkey, raki is traditionally made from suma, which is a raisin/grape spirit distilled to a whopping 94.55% alcohol-by-volume. The suma is mixed with a neutral spirit and diluted with water and aniseed. Once the spirit has reached 79-80% ABV, it’s diluted again and sweetened. After a rest of 30 days, the raki is ready to be enjoyed. It’s also served with cold water on the side. 


This milky rice wine is the oldest alcoholic beverage in Korea. It’s remained popular because of its low alcohol content, affordability, and reputation as a drink to enjoy with friends and family. The flavor is unique, and a blend of sweet, tangy, bitter, and astringent. It’s sometimes mixed with ice and fruit (especially pineapple and mango) for a sweeter cocktail.

Korean rice wine, served in a traditional bowl and ladle