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Twitter: ‘Hey Guys, Forget Houston. Remember Hurricane Katrina? Thanks, Obama!’

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the coast of Louisiana, slamming into the city of New Orleans and leaving devastation in its wake. It’s been 12 years since that disaster, and New Orleans still hasn’t fully recovered. 

With the wrath of Hurricane Harvey still being felt in Texas, many are already comparing its scope and the magnitude of the damage to that of Katrina. It’s obvious, then, that people on Twitter would be comparing President Barack Obama’s response to Katrina to President Trump’s current response to Harvey.


I feel you girl.

Wait, what?

Barack Obama didn’t become president until 2009. Katrina happened in 2005. “You’re doing a heckuvajob Brownie” never came out of Obama’s lips, it was said by the man who was actually president – George W. Bush.

Somebody failed to give this memo to Trump supporters on Twitter, as they started sending out scores of tweets like these talking about how Obama was too busy golfing to be bothered to respond to Katrina:

“How come we never saw Obama helping the Katrina victims? Oh, thats right he was golfing at that time.” 

“What’s he supposed to be doing… golfing like Obama during Katrina victims suffering? He has at least been in contact & offering support.”

“u guys are so quick to criticize Trump. Where was Obama when Hurricane Katrina hit…o yeah, he was playing golf for 3 days!!  … SAD!!”


Fake News

Ai yi yi. This is what happens when you have a president who calls real news outlets “Fake News” and uses Twitter as his press platform. You end up with people who don’t even care that Obama wasn’t president during Katrina, they just want to blame him for something. Seriously, Bush was actually president, AND he was criticized at the time for staying on vacation in Texas as Katrina slammed the Gulf Coast. Where’re my haters at?

The sad thing is, this isn’t necessarily a new thing. In 2013, eight years after Katrina happened and 4 years into Obama’s presidency, a poll was conducted among Louisiana Republicans. It found that a staggering 29 percent of Louisiana Republicans said Obama was responsible for the Katrina response. That’s almost one-third of voting Republicans who thought a person who wasn’t even president at the time was somehow responsible for how the government responded to a major disaster.


I feel you too, bro.

This Is Important

Just to recap, in case it’s all still a bit fuzzy: Barack Obama was not president when Hurricane Katrina happened. That is a fact. Put it in the bank, bet on it, it’s a sure thing. George Bush is the guy you want to look at/criticize/blame for the Katrina response (or lack thereof).

Just in case you’re wondering, though, what SENATOR Barack Obama was doing during Hurricane Katrina, here’s a picture of him meeting with some of Katrina’s refugees at Houston’s Astrodome. He made the trip with former President Clinton and former President George H.W. Bush. There’s no word on whether they were able to get a tee time together, though.