Tom Holland Brought Together Two Rival Studios

After the resounding success of Spider-Man: Far From Home, having Sony studio celebrating its highest-grossing film of all time, it was announced that Sony was taking the entire franchise back and the deal between them and Marvel Studios was officially DOA.

Fans of the MCU were left reeling from the news, so much so that they took to social media causing a flash fire for weeks to come, and still occurring to this day.  Those who had followed the MCU from the beginning, and held their breath with the hope that Spider-Man would return to the fold, were distraught.  The dream was over—or so they thought.

Image: Esquire

It seems that Tom Holland, the most current portrayer of the iconic web-slinger, is reportedly credited with having brought Sony and Marvel Studios back to the negotiation table.  Before long, it was officially announced that the next entry into the Spideyverse, and the sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home, will, in fact, be a joint effort involving both Sony and Marvel Studios.

Marvel’s grand poobah himself, Kevin Feige, dropped the news, and fans were beyond excited!  It was also announced that Tom Holland would appear in one last MCU project, before hanging up his tights and his webs.  Still, one has to wonder how a deal that was considered dead before it really had a chance to live.  And how in the world did the reunion happen in the unbelievably short span of a month?

Image: GeekTyrant

It seems the answer simply comes down to one person—Tom Holland.  Reportedly he stepped in and pretty much started throwing his newly obtained weight around.  Having become a big star, and definitely a major fan favorite, Holland decided to put his recently newfound  “power” to work.  He went to Sony, showing the big wigs just how passionate MCU—and by extension Spidey—fans were.

The rest is pretty much history, as we are now looking forward to the next Spidey film that will be a culmination of both Sony and Marvel Studios.  How can that be a bad thing?