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Tips For Picking Out Fruit

If you are like me, a trip to the grocery store is not very high on your list of things to do on your day off.  Factor in the days you intend to pick out and buy fresh fruit, and that task can seem almost daunting.  Trying to figure out which piece of fruit is the freshest, the ripest, and will taste the best can sometimes feel more like the luck of the draw, rather than anything else.

However, I have found a few tips, from the farmers themselves that grow the very fruit we buy, that will surely make the job a little less stressful.

Image: Hannaone


When picking out this particular fruit, there are a few things to look for, that if present, makes it a definite deal breaker.  Give the cantaloupe a good squeeze.  Is it soft?  Are there cracks in the rind?  Is there even mold on the fruit.  If so, put it back and move on.  However, a good melon will have a little give when you push on the ends, will have a little weight, and when sniffed will produce the expected cantaloupe fragrance.

Image: UMN Extension


The two things you do not want in an apple are bruised spots or soft spots.  If the area around the stem seems soft, you may want to consider passing on that particular piece of fruit.  When choosing apples look for those that are deep in color and have a natural sheen.  They should also be firm and have a little weight to them.

Image: The Week


This is one fruit that I have a hard time getting to last long enough for me to eat them all.  When choosing bananas keep in mind how you are planning to use them.  If you are just planning to eat them, you might want to consider purchasing those that are slightly green, as they will ripen more after purchase.  However, if you are going to use them in say baking a banana bread, then you will want those that are brighter yellow in appearance.  Always avoid those bananas that you find that are bruised or split.  They are not worth taking home.

Image: Youtube


This is one fruit that I love to eat but seem to be terrible at picking out.  The experts say that if you want the best grapes possible, make sure to choose only those that are firm, plump, and have some weight in comparison to their size.  You also want to make sure that each grape is still firmly attached to the stem, as well as not appearing wrinkled or having brown spots.

There you have it, how to pick out fruit as offered by the experts—farmers themselves.  On your next shopping trip try out some of these tips and see how much better your fruit choices will taste and last.