Home Hacks

Tips For Making A Small Home More Functional

Small homes and spaces force you to make the most out of every inch that you have available. Design decisions have to be made with both form and function in mind to make sure that you make the most of your space. Try some of these tiny house hacks to make your small space more functional.

Bathroom Double Duty

One of the most difficult spaces to work with in a small house can be the bathroom. Fitting work surfaces into small bathroom storage can really be a challenge. This clever little cabinet door provides access to the hallway linen closet from inside the bathroom. The door flips down over the toilet to reveal a quartz-topped makeup station. A lighted mirror and electrical outlet inside the cabinet provide a convenient place to get ready in the morning.

Staircase Storage

Make the most of every inch by taking advantage of the space under the stairs. The taller cabinets make great spots for hanging clothes or coats, storing brooms, or any other tall items. As the cabinets get shorter, install pull out baskets or shelves that will allow you to reach all the way to the back of the cabinet without losing anything. They’re perfect for storing anything from extra blankets and out of season clothes to shoes and socks.

Think Outside The Kitchen Box

Kitchens can be another challenging area to work with in a small house. With all the appliances, cookware, dishware, and so on, finding storage for everything can be quite difficult. Make your space work for you. Install pull out shelves for appliances to leave valuable counter space clear. Make cupboards deeper if it makes sense to do so. Go vertical. Leave open shelving for items you use all the time, such as dishes and plates, instead of hiding everything behind doors.