This Valentine’s Day Get A Bouquet of Donuts

Valentine’s Day is nearly here. The one day a year where the idea of showing the person you love the most just how much you love them is celebrated with flowers, chocolate, candy and more. Receiving a bouquet of red roses or a box of candy hearts is pretty standard for this mid-February holiday, but not everyone wants a bouquet of flowers.

Some foodies see a holiday like Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to celebrate their love of food. Sometimes that even means celebrating their love of food with a food bouquet. This year, one of the more popular trends will be to receive a bouquet of donuts! And not just any donuts, but fully decorated donuts with dark chocolate, white chocolate and even pink chocolate.

Some of the donuts are dipped in milk chocolate or white chocolate and then completely covered in red, pink, and white heart-shaped sprinkles. Others are dipped in milk chocolate or white chocolate and then drizzled over with thick, pink chocolate. This donut bouquet truly has something for every single chocolate lover.


Right now, this specific donut bouquet is available from Harry & David, fully arranged and able to ship within just two days. The ability to order this donut bouquet has been available on the Harry & David website since last January, although the price is not listed.

This completely deliverable donut bouquet is a great gift for a donut lover and a great alternative to running to a local donut shop for some typical Valentine’s Day donuts. The donut bouquet is also not a totally new concept, as the trend has been popular online thanks for social media websites like Pinterest giving people ideas about how to decorate the donuts and arrange them neatly in a bouquet. These donut bouquets are also customizable for other holidays as well.

Source: GoldBelly