The X-Files—What Were Mulder And Scully Up To?

The 90s series The X Files was a series that was not only ahead of its time but set the bar for those supernatural based series that followed.  When the series was canceled, many fans felt let without a sense of closure.  Then, we got a reprieve as the series returned, offering that much-needed understanding of how our two favorite FBI agents end up.

However, I, along with many other fans, often wondered what happened in the 14-year gap between the series cancellation and its revival in 2016.  What were Scully and Mulder up to and doing all that time?

Image: Brittanica

We may never really know what the two were up to, but we can look to the 2008 movie The X-Files:  I Want To Believe in order to fill in some of the gaps and gather some plausible context.

When season nine of the series ended, Mulder and Scully were somewhat on the run after a bogus trial accused Mulder of killing a man, who was, in fact, a super soldier and not actually dead.

Then in the 2008 film, we find that the two are living together in a remote house and seem to have been for quite some time.  With the FBI still looking for Mulder, it seems he has been able to remain off the grid–a ghost.

Image: The New York Times

The FBI approaches Scully and makes her an offer—convince Mulder to help them with a strange case, and all the charges against him would be dropped.  Both of them accept the offer, work the case, and are then free and allowed to go on and live their lives.

When season 10 premiers in 2016, it appears that neither or Mulder or Scully are no longer involved with or members of the bureau.  For reasons that are never really explained to viewers, Mulder and Scully break up sometime within the span of 2008 to 2016.