The Various Double 0 Agents Of The Bond Franchise.

Although the films focus on Bond, designated 007, viewers have gotten an insight into Bond’s fellow double 0 agents from time to time.  Some merely in passing, while others may briefly appear onscreen.  Let’s take a look at the double 0 agents that have appeared over the decades.

008 – Goldfinger & The Living Daylights

The first confirmation that there were other double 0 agents was in Goldfinger in 1964.  When Bond takes his eyes off of the target, M informs him, “008 can replace you.”  Then, in The Living Daylights, Timothy Dalton’s Bond is being put on leave, with M saying, “recall 008 from Hong Kong.”

Various Double 0 Agents – Thunderball

In a scene from the 1965 Thunderball, nine agents are seated across from both M and the British Home Security, and however, many remain unseen.

005 and 006 are only glimpsed—both appearing to be white males close in age to Bond.  004 looks to be a bit older than the others, while 003, in a first for the Bond franchise, was a younger female.

Image: The Fashionisto

002 – The Man With The Golden Gun

The only other double 0 agent to have a name mentioned, other than Bond, was 002 Bill Fairbanks.

009 – Octopussy

Although one would find him difficult to spot, 009 is the one in the clown mask.

Image: Closer Weekly

003 – A View To A Kill

When 003 fails to report in while on his mission, OO7 is sent to determine the problem.  He finds his fellow double 0 agent’s corpse in the snow of Siberia.

002 & 004 – The Living Daylights

During a training mission in The Living Daylights, 002 is shot with a paintball, which disqualifies him from the training.  However, fellow agent 004 doesn’t get off as easily, as a KGB agent that has infiltrated the training session cuts 004’s rope when he is scaling a cliff.