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The Odds Are Good Your Live Christmas Tree Is Full Of Bugs

If you are one of those who prefer to celebrate the season with a real live Christmas tree—we get that.  Honestly, we do.  There are no better memories to be made than those of going to pick out the family tree.  Not to mention the fact that the tree will fill the house with the smell of, well, Christmas.

However, there is one thing to keep in mind when bringing that new tree into your home.  Make sure you check it over really well for—bugs.

Image: Stuff.co.nz

Nature has given bugs a built-in preservation instinct.  IN the cold months, they will go dormant and will be hard to detect on the tree.  However, when that same tree is introduced into your warm, cozy home—well now that is a different story.

The bugs will detect that warmth and like an alarm clock they will be awoken and moving around in no time at all.  It has been estimated that one tree can play host to up to 25,000 bugs.  Yuck!!!  So, the question is, what type of bugs could the tree be home to,  that you should be looking for?


These are little brown and black bugs, and some varieties have wings.


These little bugs suck the sap from the spruce needles and create little white masses.

Scale Insects

These bugs crawl all over the tree limbs and resemble little red specks.

Bark Beetles

As their name implied, the brown bugs will burrow into the trunk of the tree.

Image: David Wolfe

Other varieties of bugs that you may encounter could include praying mantises, ticks and even mites which appear in unusually warm seasonal weather.

Most tree farms have a tree shaking machine, that in most cases will dislodge most any bugs that may be present, along with their eggs.  Just to be safe, make sure to closely examine your tree yourself, with the use of a flashlight.