The Much Anticipated Storming of Area 51 Not So Much After All

After months of whipping social media up into an all-out frenzy, the day to storm Area 51 finally arrived—and it was a complete bust!  On this past Friday, an estimated 75 to 3000 people, according to which news service you choose to believe, arrived to “storm the gates” of the once-secret military base in Nevada, believed to contain physical evidence of alien existence.

The “storm Area 51” idea started on social media, months ago, as more of a joke than an actual event.  However, as the days went by, more and more people were talking about, as well as signing on to, the idea.  So, on the appointed day, and the appointed time, the believers arrived, and when the dust cleared, two were in law enforcements custody having been arrested by the sheriff’s department.

Image: Air Force Times

The idea, again more of a “hoax” than an actual plan, was being so readily accepted by those on social media, that even the military was being rumored to be making contingency plans.  Just a few weeks ago, the government stated they were going to deploy military personnel to guard and protect the facility, even issuing a warning that anyone who tried to storm the gates would be shot!

The event gave birth to several festivals in Rachel and Hiko Nevada, both nearest to the military site itself.  An estimate late Thursday, by Lincoln County Sheriff Kerry Lee, reportedly stated that approximately 1,500 people had joined in the festivities in the small towns, and 150 brave souls traveled the worn dirt roads to arrive within what many referred to as “selfie distance” of the facilities gates.

Image: KTLA

The original internet post that started it all, back in June, jokingly stated:

“They can’t stop all of us—let’s see them aliens.”

It was reported that the “storming” ended up being pretty peaceful, and unfortunately, the aliens in question are still unanswered.