The Effects Drinking Coffee Every Day Can Have On Your Body

Coffee is most probably one of the most recognized and consumed drinks the world over.  There are even those coffee users who are not able to start their day, let alone function, without their coffee fix.  So, one has to wonder, if an individual is a heavy coffee drinker, and has been for a while, what affects coffee may be having on their body—good or bad.

Image: Diet Doctor

The debate has gone back and forth for decades on whether or not the health benefits are really all that great for coffee drinkers.  After all, it is pretty known that coffee contains both antioxidants as well as several beneficial nutrients.  But, does coffee do anything else—good or bad—for your body?

Studies have shown that the effect that daily coffee drinking has on your body is pretty good.  The most noted effect is that those who drink coffee do in fact lower their risk for several serious diseases.  Other noted effects include better skin and hair growth, increased sex drive, increased cognitive function, and better stamina during exercise workouts.

Those are not the only effects that researchers have documented.  Also included in the findings were:

  • Makes you smarter

Studies have shown that the drinking of coffee can enhance brain function, mental focus, and improved memory.

  • You become friendlier

Studies have shown those who drink coffee each morning are more friendly to strangers, and more tolerant of their fellow employees.

Image: Readers Digest

  • Protects against Alzheimer’s

Italian scientists have gone so far as to say that coffee when limited to one cup—no more no less—each day is believed to aid in the prevention of Alzheimer’s.

  • Reduced risk of heart disease

In recent studies, researchers have determined that those who drank coffee at least three times a day were less likely to present with atrial fibrillation as opposed to those who didn’t drink coffee as often.