The Effect Of Alcohol Consumption On Women After The Age Of 40

There is an old wive’s tale that states that what we could handle in our younger days, can become a problem later in life.  This adage never held more truth than that of alcohol and how a woman’s body tolerates imbibing it after the age of forty.  You may still partake in the occasional drink here and there, but it is essential to know how it may affect your body as a whole

Anxiety And Depression

When we are getting along in years, situations that may have had little to no effect on us when we were younger, can take on a whole new level of stress.  Consuming alcohol can take those feeling up a notch, as well as significantly shift mood swings and certain mental health disorders.

Menopausal Acne

When women enter menopause, they experience a massive shift in hormones in their bodies.  Estrogen levels will fluctuate, and alcohol consumption will significantly affect those levels.  As a result, many menopausal women will find themselves suffering from acne.

Image: Parents Magazine

Breast Cancer Risk

As mentioned before, alcohol consumption can have a significant effect on your estrogen levels.  As a result, there is also an increased amount of estradiol, a type of estrogen that is known to be linked to increasing the risk of developing breast cancer.

Increased Risk Of Stroke

Studies have shown that after the age of 55 years old, women are much more prone to stroke than men.  When factoring in alcohol consumption to the data, it would prove more prudent to remember that everything is best in moderation.

Image: CNN

High Blood Pressure

Alcohol has long been known to cause blood pressure spikes upon consumption. Those who are known to be light or occasional drinkers are not as prone to experiencing blood pressure spikes.  However, if you are one who enjoys more than a few drinks a day, then you might want to consider scaling them back.