The Differences Between Sherbet and Sorbet

We may still be in the dead of winter, but some people still enjoy cold desserts even when the temperatures have dropped. One way to do this is by consuming an ice cold dessert even when snow is on the ground outside. Some favorites include ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, and gelato. While ice cream and gelato might be more popular and have a wider range of flavors, sherbet and sorbet are more of a fruity variety.

There are some striking differences between sorbet and sherbet. Both desserts are good choices for summer and excellent options for fresh fruit lovers.

  1. Sorbet and Sherbet both originally serve different purposes, even though they are now both simply desserts. Sherbet was a favorite way to send a message by Emperors and Kings, while sorbet is primarily used as a palate cleanser in between meals.

2. Sorbet and Sherbet have completely different textures. Sherbet is incredibly similar to ice cream in its texture, due to the amount of cream in it. By contrast, sorbet is actually a dairy-free dessert, which means it can be left out at room temperature and tends to be a lot drier as a dessert.

3. Sherbet and Sorbet have different origins. Sherbet first appeared in the 1500s in the Ottoman Empire, and it was a fruity drink made from the petals of local flowers. Later, there were two colors of sherbet which signified life or death, with white sherbet signaling life and red sherbet signaling death. Sorbet on the other hand, was originally honey and wine mixed with ice cold snow from the mountains near the Roman Empire.

4. Sherbet and Sorbet are made with different ingredients. Sorbet is made from fruit and sugar, which has and icy texture and can be chipped away at, with other flavors added in. Sherbet is fruit, sugar and a little bit of cream, which is churned exactly like ice cream and has a similar consistency.