Talenti Gelato Releases 7 New Layered Flavors

Thanks to Italy, people living all around the world can enjoy the wonderful flavor of gelato. Talenti is the popular company behind Talenti Gelato, the delicious gelato you can find on freezer shelves at your local grocery store. Now, the brand is trying something new with gelato, instead of selling quarts of simple flavors, they are choosing to mix it up.

Talenti has announced their new layered gelato flavors, which are a mix of several different gelato flavors as well as crunchy food elements to add some texture to each flavor. The seven new flavors are black raspberry vanilla parfait, dark chocolate cherry, chocolate cherry cheesecake, mint fudge cookie, vanilla fudge cookie, salted caramel truffle, and peanut butter vanilla fudge.

All of these new flavors contain at least two versions of different gelato flavors, one at the top of each pint and one near the bottom, with layers of the added crunch in the middle or at the bottom of the pint. Right now, these new layered flavors have been released at Hy-Vee stores in the Midwest, although Talenti has confirmed that they will expand to all grocery stores across the United States.


Each container is see-through so customers can see exactly what is inside each container. The black raspberry vanilla parfait is a mix of black raspberry and vanilla ice creams with bits of granola mixed inside. Dark chocolate cherry is dark chocolate and cherry ice creams with dark chocolate bits inside. Chocolate cherry cheesecake is cheesecake and cherry ice creams with bits of graham cracker and chocolate mixed in.

Mint fudge cookie is mint and fudge ice creams with bits of crumbled cookie inside. Vanilla fudge cookie is vanilla and fudge ice creams with cookie crumbles. Salted caramel truffle is salted caramel and vanilla ice creams with chocolate truffle bits inside. And finally, the peanut butter vanilla fudge is vanilla and fudge ice creams with peanuts inside.