Studio Announces There Will Be A John Wick: Chapter 4—Hot On The Heels Of Chapter 3’s Opening Weekend

With John Wick: Chapter 3 having just hit theaters this past weekend, an official announcement has been made that John Wick: Chapter 4 is definitely a go and is currently shooting for a May 2021 theatrical release date.

No one can deny that the franchise, whose humble beginnings was that as a revenge action genre centered movie, has now become one of the favorite fan franchises of the last five years. Although it is almost a fact that fans came for Keanu Reeves, but in the end, they stayed for the nearly comic book “feel” of how the storyline was derived and executed.  This style of execution is what has set it apart from any and all of its competitors, and has fed the growth of the franchise since the very moment the titles rolled on the screen.

Image: Hollywood Reporter

Just to put it all into perspective, Chapter 3 of the franchise, currently in theaters, set a precedent for all sequels that may follow—having scored a cool $56.8 million its opening weekend domestically.  That in itself awarded the franchise the title of having been the one to knock the massively popular Avenger: Endgame out of the number one slot.

What makes the announcement of Chapter 4 even more surprising, other than it being announced so quickly on the heels of Chapter 3’s opening weekend, is that Chapter 3 was originally being touted as possibly concluding the franchise.  However, it would seem that the director, as well as star Keanu Reeves, feel there is more left of Wick’s story needing to be told.

Image: Star2.com

Without giving away any spoilers, anyone who has seen Chapter 3 can tell you that the end of the movie more than makes evident that a Chapter 4 will indeed follow.  Add in the meaning of Chapter 3’s subtitle, Parabellum, and you can see that the story will definitely continue, and will most assuredly be filled with even more action and revenge.