Studies Show Dogs Are The Best Partners For A Restful Nights Sleep

In the interest in proving a theory recently, animal behaviorists set out to study the effects a dog has on the overall quality of a human’s sleep.  According to the results, it seems if a girl wants to truly get her beauty sleep, she is more likely to do so if she is sharing her bed with a dog, and not another human.

During the study, the animal behaviorists collected their data from 962 women currently living in the United States.  Of those included in the study, 55% of the women shared their bed with at least one dog, while 31% shared their bed with at least one cat.  In order to get the right data, 57% of the participants also shared their bed with a human partner.

Image: Today Show

The results of the data were, to put it mildly, quite an eye-opener.  The study revealed that dog’s, when compared to human bed partners, were shown to cause less overall sleep disturbance and provided a stronger sense of comfort and security.  The researchers attributed the later to the fact that dogs are more able to deter danger, and will alert their bed partners when possible dangers and threats are present.

Another hypothesis that the researchers worked on and found to more often than not be true was that dogs are creatures of habit.  And, as such, they were more likely to stick to a more strict sleep routine than a human bed partner, which would make for a more relaxing, beneficial sleep pattern which would then lead to a much better and enjoyed rest overall.

Image: Hills Pet Nutrition

Now, the results of the feline portion of the study showed some contrasting data to the canine results.  The study revealed that a cat sleeping in bed with a human is as sleep disruptive as another human, and in some cases even more so.  The cats also presented with a weaker feeling comfort and safety than either a dog or human would present.

So basically, if you want a very restful nights sleep, get a dog.  If you want a somewhat restful sleep, get a significant other.  If you want very little sleep at all get a cat.