Still Eating Leftover Turkey? Spice It Up With These Recipes!

If you are finding yourself pulling turkey out of the fridge again for another night of leftovers from Thanksgiving, wait just another second. One can only take so many repeats of the great meal, and it might be time to spice it up. You can try a few new recipes to mix it up. Some of these recipes might allow you to forget that you are eating turkey for the 456148th time.

  1. Crafty Sandwiches- Try spicing up the daily lunches with some of your leftover turkey. With a few tomato slices and spinach leaves, boring leftovers just turned into a colorful sandwich. Throwing it on a panini maker (or on a pan on the stove) can even give it a little more of a wow factor.
  2. Turkey Tetrazzini- Turning the slices of turkey into a scrumptious pasta dish might be even better than the turkey was when it was served roasted on Thanksgiving day (just maybe). For most people, it doesn’t even involve an extra trip to the store since the ingredients are fairly straightforward and found in many refrigerators and pantries.
  3. Quirky Quesadilla- This is a favorite because it does a great job of disguising the turkey that is making another appearance at the dinner table. And it tastes great. With a couple corn or flour tortillas, heated up shredded turkey, shredded swiss cheese, and even the leftover cranberries, this quesadilla will feature all the flavors of a great palate. The sweet and salty of the turkey and cranberries with the swiss cheese make this meal as good as new.

The end of turkey day never tasted so good.