Stargate Reunion In The Works For Momoa

The word from Apple TV+ is that a reunion is in the works on the streaming networks series See.  Star Jason Momoa, recently of Justice League and Aquaman fame, will be reuniting with a former co-star from the cult-favorite Stargate Atlantis.  This announcement will give fans of the series, See, a lot to celebrate heading into the second season.

Joe Flanigan, who starred on the Stargate spinoff with Momoa, will be guest-starring on the second season of See.  To put it into perspective, the SG Atlantis series ended well over a decade ago, in 2009.  Now, in 2020, fans will see the two good friends and co-stars, once again on the same screen.  Flanigan would not reveal much about the reunion other than he would appear in the series.

Image: Comicbook

When it comes to the TV series plots these days, mums the word seems to be the best policy.  With that considered, Flanigan did say he is in the process of completing all the required protocols pertaining to quarantining, along with his fellow stars, in anticipation of the start of principal filming on the series.  It’s being reported that filming is scheduled to resume for the second season on October 14th, after the production was delayed due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

Image: Student Problems

As many fans may remember, Momoa appeared as Ronon Dex, opposite Flanigan as John Sheppard.  Both actors were with the series for its entire five-season run.  Now, they will be reunited on the small screen again.

This reunion isn’t, and won’t be, the only time that Momoa has reunited with former castmates.  In an announcement earlier this year, Momoa will appear in a vampire movie, along with Game of Thrones co-star Peter Dinklage.  However, unlike Momoa and Flanigan, Dinklage and Momoa weren’t in any scenes together during their respective times on Game of Thrones.