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Sour Patch Candy Corn — Yep Its A Thing

Step aside candy corn of old, there’s a new kid in town—a sour patch kid that is.  And if you think that these new sweets are just simply your run of the mill sour patch candies, only shaped like candy corn, you have another thing coming.

In what is being termed a very controversial and divisive move, the makers of the Sour Patch kids candy has taken on one of the oldest, most loved candies of all time—and just in time for Halloween.

For what could be as long as since they were first released, consumers either were lovers of candy corn or gagged at its mention.  There never seemed to be those who were satisfyingly nestled in between.  Now that is not to say that the recently released version is going to help this division, in fact, it may just end up causing a totally different rift altogether.

Image: Party City

Now it would seem that there is a new variety of “candy corn” coming this Halloween season, and it could very possibly end on a sour note.  It would seem the newest confection is made of candy corn shaped pieces, however, these particular sweets have been taken a step further.  Each tasty morsel has been sprinkled with both orange and grape sweet and sour flavored sugar crystals.

Those who have tried them stated that the taste does not really settle on traditional candy corn.  Instead, it puts you somewhere in between the two well known iconic snacks.  And, that they lean more towards the taste of a gummie, but with the traditional crumbly candy corn texture.

With an official sale window of September through October 21st, a representative of the Frankford Candy company stated the newest addition to the Sour Patch line can be found at CVS, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Meijer, Kroger, and Safeway nationwide.