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Rose Pyramid in Ecuador Breaks Guinness World Record

These days, there is a Guinness World Record for just about everything. On July 23, a town in Ecuador received this honor for building a life-sized structure. The structure in question is a life-sized replica of a pyramid which is constructed entirely of roses.

The Guinness World Records confirmed that 546,364 roses were used to construct an indigenous pyramid in Tabacundo, Ecuador. Apparently, about ninety-four percent of the roses used were red, although the entire structure looks like it was made entirely from red roses from the outside, except for the emblem at the top and a row of white roses.

The project began about on July 9, with local roses from the Andean highlands being used. All in all, over one million roses were used for the structure, although poor weather caused many of the roses to spoil and they needed to be replaced.

The pyramid structure also included a long walkway in front of it, which was originally placed at the base of the pyramid. However, when Guinness World Record officials arrived to inspect the pyramid, it was discovered that in order to qualify for the world record, the base of the pyramid would need to be raised, making the walkway and the pyramid one main structure instead of two.

The changes took eight days to complete, and upon a second inspection, the town discovered that had broken the record. The previous record was set in 2016 in the United Arab Emirates, with the construction of a life-sized Airbus A380 jet. Before that, the record was held in Frankfurt, Germany, with a structure using only one hundred and seventy thousand flowers.

It’s unclear how long the red rose pyramid will be on display, but the roses are expected to be used a fertilizer once the pyramid is deconstructed. While the pyramid was a planned event by the local planners, everyone who helped build the structure was a volunteer.