Research Shows Your Dog Can Actually Tell Who Is And Is Not Trustworthy

For decades dogs have been referred to as man’s best friend.  And, in many ways they very much are.  There are times that dogs understand us more than we might understand ourselves.  And they are tuned into both our emotions and the emotions of those around us.  For that reason, you may be surprised what has been learned about our best friends recently.

Image: Pinterest

There are unarguably times when we just do not know whether or not to trust someone.  Whether that individual is a stranger or not, we just can not get a good “read” on them or their intentions.  However, dogs do not experience this dilemma, as they have an innate ability to size a person up from the very moment that they meet them.

Over the years, various studies have shown that when a dog’s owner points to something, they will run towards the person or object.  For this reason, researchers are convinced that dogs understand both human gestures and human body language.  The same researchers believe that when the owner’s gestures are not consistent, the dog will quickly take on a feeling of stress.

To take these findings a step further, a scientist in Japan decided to see if a dog would still trust someone who lied to them.  He conducted his experiment in three stages, and the results were very enlightening.  What the research found is that you could trick the dog once, but in most cases never twice.  After deceiving the dog the first time, there was in the dog’s mind a trust issue from there on out.

Image: Petco

It would seem that dogs will not trust those that their owner’s do not trust, or have been lied to in a similar fashion.  The dog somehow knows that lie has happened, and as a result will not be as receptive to the individual who lied.

This just goes to show that if your dog doesn’t like the person, maybe you should either.