Reese Witherspoon And Her Dog Minnie Pearl Wear Matching Sweaters

Reese Witherspoon keeps herself at ease, and she has got company.

She took to Instagram to post a lovely photo of herself twinning with her French bulldog, Minnie Pearl.

Reese took her little puppy in her arms and smiled for the camera.


She and the stylish dog wore a turtleneck sweater with cream and navy blue stripes. Reese was comfortable in the photo, while Minnie appeared a bit annoying with her outfit as she gazed off into the distance.

Reese joked in the caption, “I have lost the plot,” adding an emoji of a smiley face with its tongue sticking out.

Reese’s friends and family were excited about the shot. Ava Philippe, her 22-year-old daughter, commented, “Do I need to buy a striped sweater too?”

Reese usually fits her kids instead of her furry friends. She and her daughter Ava in December 2020, wear the same matching Christmas sweaters and smile for the camera. They wear red and white pair sweaters with matching mugs of tea emblazoned with snowflakes on the front and candy cane-shaped stirrers inside. Naturally, they wore matching red lipstick.

Reese has often talked about how she likes how her daughter looks like her.

Ava Phillippe spoke about her celebrity parents during the Q&A sessions conducted on her Instagram page. Phillippe does not mind it that much.

One follower asked, “Do you think your life would have been different if your parents were not celebrities?”


Ava Phillippe answered, “Yes, very that said though. I would not change a thing! The good and the not-so-good made me who I am and gave me many amazing opportunities. And my parents get to do what they love, which is super cool.”