Real World Clowns Are No Fans Of Pennywise

Judging by the box office take of both installments in the “IT” film franchise, based on the ever-popular Stephen King book series, fans were more than happy.

However, it would seem there is one segment of the public that wasn’t quite as enamored with the films—that being real-life clowns.  In fact, professional clowns are not finding the movie to be any laughing matter, in the least.

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Image: Screen Rant

The notion of a killer clown is pretty much a well-known trope these days when it comes to horror movies.  And King’s Pennywise the clown inarguably probably the most famous one at the moment.  Although he may be the most famous and recognizable, he has plenty of sinister counterparts in dozens of movies and TV shows.

And as it would seem, more are being brought into the light each and every year.  So much so, that clowns are no longer being associated with merriment, but as symbols of fear.

The inherent problem in the entire scenario is that there are still those individuals out there that are making their living portraying clowns.  And, likewise, there are still those that find clowns as delightful, funny creatures rather than scary and threatening.

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Image: Newsweek

It is easy to see why those individuals who portray clowns aren’t fond of the IT movies.  In all fairness, the killer clown trope was around well before King’s IT, and we all know that John Wayne Gacy had done major damage to the clown image way before IT was published in 1986.

It Chapter Two wasn’t near the success of Chapter One, however, both films were very successful in their own right.  The franchise has a legion of devoted fans, with King being counted amongst them.  However, it would seem that for real clowns, Pennywise is now, and will forever be loathed and hated.