Puffer Jackets Are the New Winter Fashion to Keep Warm

The temperatures are dropping across the country, and that means people are bundling up in layers before they go outside. Despite dropping temperatures, and chilly winds, it is important to be covered up to prevent any damage or long-lasting effects of exposing bare skin to the cold.

That’s why this winter a new fashion trend is making waves. The puffer jacket is the latest internet trend, and is a way to keep warm and be fashion forward. The Italian brand Moncler recently unveiled the trendy, warm jackets, which are a cross between a puffy jacket and a gown.

The gown version of the jackets come in various colors like blue and pink and are floor length. The fabric of the jacket is puffy, with a zipper down the front. There are armholes near the waist of the jacket to hinder movement as little as possible.

In addition to the jacket, long, green gloves are also provided. These gloves are puffy as well and cover the fingers, hands, wrist and forearm up to the elbow. They fit into the armholes of the long gown. They also fit over the jacket version, which is a regular jacket in a puffy style. This jacket ends at the waist and features a wide neck flap so the front, back and sides of the neck don’t become cold while wearing the jacket.

There is also a third version of the jacket, which is a more elongated jacket specifically designed for women. The puffy jacket, which is available in jet black, is waist length and includes a high neck. There is a gold zipper down the front of the jacket, with a wide and easily connecting belt. The Italian made puffy jacket is almost entirely filled with feathers, and the inside of the jacket is lined.