Pillsbury Unveils Edible Cookie Dough Bites

Cookies are one of the most beloved and easy to make desserts to make. However, there is always that internal struggle to never eat the raw cookie dough before you can bake the cookie.  The risk of salmonella aside, raw cookie dough is delicious, but the raw eggs and uncooked flour can be dangerous to consume.

Cookie labels always have warnings about this, making sure people understand that they cannot consume raw cookie dough, even when it’s readily available on a grocery store shelf. However, edible cookie dough make a splash a few years back and the dessert industry has never been the same.

Now, Pillsbury is jumping on the bandwagon, by releasing a cookie dough bites product that is completely safe to eat. The new product, called Snackable Cookie Dough Bites, is available in three different flavors, and of course, has the popular Pillsbury dough boy on the cover. The flavors are peanut butter chocolate chip, chocolate chip, and birthday cake.


Right now, these new Pillsbury cookie dough bites have only been found at Meijer stores in the Midwest. They are available in small, blue eight ounce bags that are also resealable. It’s important to note that these cookie dough bites still need to be refrigerated, in the case that you don’t immediately eat them upon buying them.

These new cookie dough bites are expected to reach more grocery stores in the coming weeks, although it is unclear if this is a limited edition product or if these bites will be around for a while. Also, Pillsbury is extending the cookie dough bites recipes to its other products. Pillsbury’s ready to eat cookie dough products like its Chocolate Chunk & Chip Cookie Dough, and the label clearly explains that the cookies are ready to eat or bake, and completely safe to eat raw.