Pick Up That Pallet By The Trash And Turn It Into One Of These DIY Beauties

Wooden pallets are used in shipping and not much else, providing stable transportation for goods and packages as they travel to their end destinations. Anyone who lives in a large city knows that many pallets reach the end of their lives in a back alley near a set of dumpsters. The pallet doesn’t have to reach its end this way, though. There are plenty of ways to reuse them! Read on for a few great ideas.

Hang A Family Of Plants

How about a serious home décor splurge? A collection of herbs, succulents, or air plants will look beyond dramatic, earthy, and chic. The wood can be left untreated or stained for a stylish effect, and it pairs so perfectly with live plants. All you need to do is acquire a wood pallet, wash it down, and go shopping for a new squad of green babies.

Build A Pet Bed

The wood used to build pallets is likely pine or oak, making it great for quick and easy staining. They’re also easily disassembled, which means that you can pull apart a few boards and transform the size and shape of the pallet. Using a pallet to put together a new pet bed will take a bit of hands-on effort, but with the dozens of tutorials scattered across the internet, you’re sure to find something that works.

Craft Some Outdoor Furniture

There are seriously scores—hundreds, maybe—of blueprints online that show you how to repurpose a pallet and turn it into a piece of outdoor furniture. Everything from coffee tables to benches, full sectional sofas, lounge chairs, cooler stands, and more can be found with a quick search. Some of the projects are as simple as stacking pallets and slapping on a set of casters, while others involve completely breaking down the pallet and cutting it into new pieces.