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People Who Have Dogs Have A Breed That Matches Their Personality

People, for the most part, when asked if they like dogs will answer yes.  As it would turn out though, those who admit they like dogs, usually have a “type”.  And that type is a reflection on their personality.  Below we take a look at a few popular breeds, and how these breeds can speak volumes about those who own them.

Image: Pets At Home


Owners of dachshunds tend to have a personality that tends to lean to the quirky side.  They are unique and not afraid to show that side of their personality, which in turn makes them fun to be around.

Great Dane

Dane’s are known the world over for their kind and gentle nature.  It would seem that those who choose them as pets exhibit these same qualities.  Many owners are seen as being very compassionate towards others.

Image: YouTube


The pug owner, much like their pet, tends to have a lot of energy and is not one to mope around much.  In fact, after a night out partying, the pug owner prefers to come home, snuggle up with their furry friend, and catch some serious sleep.


Poodle owners tend to want to be the center of attention and are very outgoing liking to strut their stuff.  They have a high mix of both confidence and outwardly expressing their nature.

Image: The Happy Puppy Site

Golden Retriever

Considered some of the friendliest canines on the planet, the owners of these furry companions tend to be friendly as well.  Owners tend to be open-minded and always on the lookout for making their next new friend.


Much like what many call a big dog in a little package, the owners of chihuahua’s are ones who are known to take front and center in a room.  Although the individual may, like their furry friend, tend to be a bit pushy, in the end, they are both loyal and fiercely protective.

So, as you can see if you are a pet owner, you very well may have a type.  And that type is an outward extension of your own personality, covered in fur.