Make Your Own Outdoor Twister Mat

If you love hosting summer parties and want to spruce up the games you typically play, what’s better than the classic game, Twister? Well- OUTSIDE TWISTER! This is such a fun, easy project you can complete right before the party and everyone is guaranteed to have a great time.

Magical Day Dream

What you Need:

Spray paint – blue, green, red and yellow



2 Bowls

First, you will create your board. Take a circular object (like a plate) and trace it on a piece of paper then cut so you have a big circle. This is what you will use as your template for the spray paint. In your yard, start spraying the different colors using your template to get pretty decent size circles. You can make the board as big as you want, or you can do similar to the game – 4 columns, one column in each color and 6 circles of each color in those columns. That’s it for the game-board part!

Now for the pieces, if you don’t have an actual spinner, an easy fix is to create little slips of paper for people to draw. One bowl can have all of the colors (red, blue, yellow, green) and the second will have which hand/foot they will use (LH, RH, LF, RT). You can cut these into little slips to save paper and there’s your homemade “spinner”!
Once the slips and board are complete, you are all ready to relax and be the best host as people have a blast playing this spruced up classic!