Oreo Starts The New Year With A New Flavor—Carrot Cake Oreo Cookie

Just when you think that Oreo can’t get any better, they decide to start 2019 proving us wrong.   The newest addition to their massive lineup of cookie flavors has been released and it is that of Carrot Cake.

The announcement came just a few short weeks after their announcing their new Dark Chocolate Oreos, and they have said that both of the new flavors are permanent offerings, not limited time as some new flavors tend to be offered.

Image: Popsugar

The newest flavor of Carrot Cake Oreo has already been seen popping up on the cookie aisles of retail stores everywhere over the last two days.  Although the packaging appears to be the standard vanilla cookie, rest assured the cookie is all new and is definitely carrot cake flavored.  Layered between the two delicious carrot cake flavored cookies is a heavenly cream cheese frosting flavored crème.

Cake flavors are not a new idea, being that the makers of Oreo seem to lean towards these sweet indulgences for inspiration.  For example, some of their other cake flavored offerings include Toasted Coconut Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Red Velvet Cake, and the immensely popular Birthday Cake.  It would appear that the developers at Oreo get a lot of inspiration from cake flavors.

Image: Alt 92.9

When it comes to newer flavor releases, the Carrot Cake Oreos are in good company.  A recent taste test revealed that Dark Chocolate Oreos, comprised of a dark chocolate crème nestled between two dark chocolate cookies, got some major raving reviews.

With these two new, bold flavors already available, the makers of Oreo’s are certainly hitting the ground running in 2019.  I am sure most cookie lovers, like myself, can’t wait to see what other flavors they will come up with.  Until then, we can just sit back and indulge ourselves in the current flavors available.