Oreo Introduces Halloween Graveyard Cookie Kit and Gingerbread Oreos

As the summer winds down, the holiday season is upon us! Cookie giant Oreo has already unveiled some of its new cookie offerings from Halloween and the holiday season, and fans are probably going to love them.

The first option is the Oreo Spooky Graveyard Chocolate Kit, which is basically a build your own gingerbread house except it’s building your own spooky Halloween mansion with Oreos. Now, you can enjoy cookie arts and crafts as much as eating them. According to Oreo, the kit lets you “decorate your own frighteningly delicious spooky graveyard,” and comes complete with construction cookie pieces, plenty of icing, orange and purple candy pieces and lots of Oreos.

Right now, fans of Oreo can go out and buy these kits from Michael’s stores nationwide, for a retail price of $14.99. You get to build a spooky mansion, graveyard and tombstones, which might be a substitute for trick or treating or at the very least a new way to get into the Halloween spirit this year.


Next up are the Gingerbread Oreos. Now, these gingerbread Oreos have been around before, having first dropped back in 2012. But this year, there is an added twist to the release. The gingerbread Oreos include two gingerbread-flavored wafers filled with Oreo vanilla creme and crunchy sugar crystals.

These limited edition cookies also come in five “festive” designs, so there are several designs in each box of Oreos you buy. There has been no official release date for these gingerbread cookies, but they have already been spotted in Walgreens stores and should be available nationwide soon. There is also no word on how long these cookies will be around, as Labor Day was just a few weeks ago and we have just around one hundred days until the Christmas holiday.