Oreo Announces Creme Filled Eggs

The holidays are upon us, and that means all of the seasonal holiday food favorites plus every candy combination imaginable. Oreo, America’s favorite cookie, is known for having seasonal cookie flavors inspired by the holidays. There is the popular peppermint flavor as well as candy cane, and many, many others.

This year, Oreo is taking a page out of another popular chocolate company’s book, and releasing a version of an Oreo. Similar to the popular Cadbury Creme Eggs, Oreo is releasing a chocolate creme-filled egg, wrapped in either a silver or blue wrapping. The egg is a milk chocolate egg, filled with sweet white creme with cookie pieces broken up inside of it.

The best part of this new chocolate creation from Oreo is that it is being sold as part of a five-pack. Customers can purchase the Oreo Festive Faberge Eggs for just three dollars a box. The box includes five individually wrapped foil eggs in a mix of blue and white wrappings, with a creamy center and cookie pieces encased in a chocolate shell.


Cadbury has actually mad an Oreo creme-filled egg, but it’s released around the holiday of Easter, and it has only been available throughout the U.K. and Canada in previous years. This new product from Oreo is just one hundred and ten calories per egg.

The new chocolate creations are already getting rave reviews by lucky social media users who have found the eggs in stores. The new chocolate egg is being compared to a mashup between a Hershey’s cookies and cream candy bar and some Oreo chocolate.

Right now, these Oreo creme-filled eggs are being sold exclusively in the candy section of Walmart stores nationwide. Find a Walmart store near you and snatch these up before someone else does. There is no official end date for this holiday season candy option from Oreo either.