New York Subway Says If They Fit In A Bag They Can Ride

When traveling the subway in New York City, the subway authority is dog-friendly only to a point.  An ADA law requires that they allow leashed service and emotional support animals to ride the system, with no other restrictions in place.

However, for those that choose to ride the system with their pets the New York subway authority recently enacted a new law that states dogs may only ride the subway system if they fit in a bag.  Although this will most probably not affect those with smaller pooch companions, those will larger companions will feel the pinch a little more.

Image: Viewing NYC

Not ones to turn down a challenge, New Yorkers with larger dogs say no problem and have set about getting creative in the name of their pets.   The new law only states they must “be in a bag”.  No problem.  That just means those individuals with larger dogs will have to search out larger bags to carry them in.  The intrepid city dwellers are nothing if not adaptable, and I guess that goes the same for man’s best friend.  Where there is a will there is a way as they always say.

Keeping in mind that the whole reason for the new law is so that those pets traveling with their owners are to be prevented from being a nuisance, and with there being no stipulations currently in place on just how big the bag can be, New Yorkers are getting creative.   Even those individuals with pets the size of which you would never expect to see being carried in a bag are, well, getting in on the subway rides.

Image: Bored Panda

When it comes to a pet owner and their pet, no matter what law is enacted, the owner will work out a way to make sure their pets are not “discriminated” against.  Many of those that are frequent users, along with their pets, of the subway system feel that New York is doing just that, discriminating against their furry companions.  As such, many have found a way to stay within the law and still, take their companions along for the ride.