Nestle Toll House Releases Hocus Pocus Cookie Dough

As the end of August approaches, more and more fall-themed foods and decorations are appearing in stores. In fact, Starbucks brought back pumpkin spice the earliest it ever has in 2020. One seasonal food that always introduces new flavors and seasonal favorites at the grocery store is cookies.

Nestle Toll House is giving Pillsbury a run for its money this year, with a batch of cookies with a touch of nostalgia. Instead of jumping on the same pumpkin spice or salted caramel wagon this year, Toll House is introducing the Hocus Pocus ready to bake cookies, based on (you guessed it) the cult favorite Halloween film “Hocus Pocus.”

The film follows the return of the Sanderson sisters to Salem on Halloween night, and the chaos that ensues as Max, Dani and Allision (with help from Binx) attempt to steal the witches book of spells and stop them from killing children and becoming immortal. Now, the three sisters are being immortalized on the packaging of these Hocus Pocus cookies.


The new Nestle Toll House cookies feature and all black packaging with an illustrated image of the three sister witches behind an orange background, as a black cat looks on. The cookies themselves are ready to bake and include chocolate candy morsels of purple, yellow and orange in addition to chocolate chips.

The cookies are ordinary either. They are described as oatmeal peanut butter cookie dough cookies with candy pieces and chocolate chips inside. The packaging says that one batch of these cookies makes twenty cookies and are ready to be placed right into the oven from the package.

The Hocus Pocus cookies will have a similar retail price as other Nestle cookies in the refrigerated section. There is also no word on when these Halloween cookies will be disappearing from shelves although, just after Halloween is a good bet. The cookies are available in grocery stores nationwide now.