Nabisco Is At It Again—But This Time Around They Are Upgrading A True Favorite

It seems like every time we turn around lately Nabisco is coming out with the next great flavor of Oreo cookie.  There have been several new flavors announced since the new year and we are still in January.  However, for their newest offering, they are not presenting us with a new flavor.  Oh no, they are instead upgrading a tried and true favorite—the Double Stuff Oreo.

Through the years Nabisco has offered a plethora of Oreo cookie flavors such as Rocky Road Oreos, Strawberry Shortcake Oreos, and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oreos.  Their most recent introductions to their cookie line for the new year included Carrot Cake Oreos and the newest berry-flavored Love Oreos.

Image: Scary Mommy

However, this time around it is not the flavor of the Oreo that is causing mouths to water, but more the stuffing of the cookie itself.  It seems Double Stuff is now old school, as Nabisco now offers the Most Stuff Oreos.  Simply put the cookie center, or the stuff as Nabisco refers to it is even more thick and massive than its previous counterpart known as Double Stuff.

Yes, they are real—and they are massive!

The Most Stuff version appears to already be a major hit if one were to go by the social media posts by those who have already tried it.

Image: Junk Banter

One individual on Instagram posted:

“This is beyond incredible…just beyond. I honestly almost fainted to the floor when I opened the package!  These are so fat!  You gotta be the person that eats the crème by itself to enjoy these.”

With reports of the cookie running around $3 a box, it would seem an absolute steal considering the massive amount of crème filling that is barely contained within each cookie.  The outrageously awesome cookie is available in stores and on shelves as we speak.