Mountain Dew Teases Peach Flavor Called Happy Dew Year

Mountain Dew is known worldwide as the only bright green soda drink that is packed with sugar. Like other soft drinks, Mountain Dew is a versatile drink that can be sold in all types of colors and flavors. It’s a popular drink is the action sports world and is usually also sold in fast-food restaurants, as Slurpees, and other iced drinks.

Like other sodas, new flavors seem to arrive on store shelves all time, from seasonal holiday flavors to ones voted on by fans and flavors that the company just wants to try out. However, Mountain Dew is unique in being able to debut incredibly sweet or sour flavors in soda.

Mountain Dew recently teased a potentially new flavor which will debut around the new year. It’s called Happy Dew Year and is a peach flavored soda drink, complete with pink and orange colored soda inside the bottle. Mountain Dew is no stranger to developing holiday flavors or commemorating events with new tastes.

This Happy Dew Year soda actually appeared in a photo with two other notable Mountain Dew holiday flavors, like VooDew for Halloween, and Merry Mash-Up, a Christmas inspired soda drink. Peach flavor is an interesting choice, and is much more popular and easy to find in Asian countries than across the United States.

Source: comicbook.com

Mountain Dew has also released a flavor close to peach in the past, and they made it available exclusively at Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chains through their soda fountain. That drink tasted a bit like peach and had more of a yellow color, and was called Sweet Lightning.

Mountain Dew has not revealed or confirmed this new peach flavor or the potential new year release. The label for the Happy Dew Year is purple and black and has a purple cap, and the name Happy Dew Year is printed on the side, as well as dewnationrewards.com.

Source: The Daily Meal