Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bars Are Finally in the Freezer Section

Disney World is known as the happiest place on Earth and Mickey Mouse is the official mascot. The parks are filled with rides, games, food and more for hours of entertainment and plenty of items dedicated to the famous mouse. Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are a major sweet treat what Disney park goers can enjoy, and now you can enjoy them outside the park.

Mickey Mouse ice cream bars are now going to be available in grocery store freezer sections across the country. Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday celebration passed in late 2018, and many foods released special edition Mickey Mouse flavors and packaging to commemorate it were released. Now, Mickey Mouse ice cream bars can find a home in your freezer, which is a Mickey ice cream lovers best gift.

No official release date has been announced or teased, but rumors are that the bars will be in grocery stores sometime in February. The specialty ice cream bars are already listed on Kroger’s website and are expected to drop into other grocery store chains as well.


A spokesperson for the parent company Nestle explained that “We are excited to confirm that the Mickey Ice Cream bars will be available in stores for a limited time.” Each box of ice cream bars will include six individual ice cream bars with a traditional Mickey Mouse logo on the front.


Each bar is made with soft vanilla ice cream and covered with a thin layer of milk chocolate and placed on a short wooden stick. The ice cream is molded in the shape of Mickey Mouse’s iconic ears. There is no real information on the retail price of the ice cream bars, although they should be at least a little bit cheaper than buying them in person at Disney Parks.